In a Nutshell

A jack of all trades, master of none.
A born-again Southerner.  Tried The North…not for me.
A lover of gluten, sugar, and dairy.  All organic, of course.  not.
A part-time blog contributor (for realz).
A full-time educator and education equality advocate.
A contemporary art enthusiast, appreciator, and critic.
An earth art nut.  I heart Robert Smithson.
A music fiend – mostly thanks to my partner’s excellent taste and prolific purchasing.
A DIY wannabe.  As in, I’ll totally DIY…until my ADHD kicks in and I get bored.
Oh yeah, I’m also eyeball-deep in assisted reproductive technology.  Not for long, though, I hope.

One thought on “In a Nutshell

  1. Good luck with the assisted reproductive technology. Wishing you every blessing. 🙂

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