Game on!

Alright, kiddos!  Here we go!

Looks like we’ve got something a’brewin’ in my belly!

BD was absolutely hilarious this morning.  While gushing and talking after the phone call from the clinic, I mentioned how weird it feels to know that there’s a (future) human being inside me that I can’t feel – BD’s response?  Totally deadpan, without skipping a beat: “I think you need to eat some cantaloupe.”  Huh?  I guess cantaloupe is healthy and babies do need healthy things, so his natural conclusion was that I need to eat cantaloupe.  He cracks me up!

Second-best goes to my sister who broke down sobbing over the phone: “I’m *gasp* just so *gasp* HAPPY *sob* for you!”  Man, is she a trip.

As I told her, the whole reason we want a baby is to share all that love that we all have for each other.  It will be so much fun and so beautiful to share it even more!  I feel so blessed that my family is as excited as we are – I feel so connected to the circle of life and the interconnectedness of life and family.  Truly, truly awesome it is.

(By the way, thanks for the positive thoughts – every little bit helped and is helping!!!)


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3 thoughts on “Game on!

  1. Oh, wow! I just got caught up with your blog, so I read it from February to March, all together. What a wonderful way to end things. I think it’s great that what you want is to share your love with the baby and your family. Adding more love to the world is always a good thing.

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