All 13 tiny blobs have made it to Day 2!

I am so beyond over the moon.  I know we’re going about this “miracle” in a different way, but it’s so amazing – in its own right – to be able to be conscious of, to know, this/these new person(s) from the very moment they were put together.  It makes me believe in infinite possibility and I am totally in awe.  The cosmic order of the universe – that we have always been and that we will always be, that we are one with all else – makes sense to me in a way that it didn’t before now and, honestly, I don’t think it could have.  Even if all thirteen little cellular blobs don’t make it, they exist – and they are a creation of not just me and BD, but of you and everyone (and everything) else.  it’s pretty amazing to be an active part of that.

The clinic “grades” the embryos on a scale of 0 to 4, 4 being the strongest and best (from what I’ve read, the ones that divide more quickly, thereby evidencing stronger ability to thrive).  We have six 4’s, six 3’s, and one 2 – not bad, my little over-achievers!

I am sending love to them every minute.  I can almost feel a physical cord connecting me to them, my 13 tiny little blobs.


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