Zen Day #4: Possibilities

Mind can accept any boundary anywhere. But the reality is that, by its very nature, existence cannot have any boundary, because what will be beyond the boundary? – again another sky. 

That’s why I am saying skies upon skies are available for your flight. Don’t be content easily. Those who remain content easily remain small: small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being. But there is no need! This smallness is your own imposition upon your freedom, upon your unlimited possibilities, upon your unlimited potential.

Osho Live Zen Chapter 2

The eagle has an overview of all the possibilities contained in the landscape below, as he flies freely, naturally and effortlessly through the sky. He is really in his domain, very grand and self-contained. 

This card indicates that you are at a point where a world of possibilities is open to you. Because you have grown more loving towards yourself, more self-contained, you can work easily with others. Because you are relaxed and at ease, you can recognize possibilities as they present themselves, sometimes even before others can see them. Because you are in tune with your own nature, you understand that existence is providing you with exactly what you need. 

Enjoy the flight! And celebrate all the varied wonders of the landscape spread before you.


I do believe that I have  hit another milestone.  Last night BD and I had a miscommunication in which I thought he was going out to meet a friend for an hour and he thought he had license to stay out.  Well fast-forward to 2 a.m.  I was almost beside myself when BD walked in the door and, sufficed to say, we didn’t go to bed in a good mood.  But, I woke up this morning and picked this Zen card.  Reflecting on the card, I was forced to consider all of the possibilities that lay before me today – and every day – and that it is my own attitude that will determine the possibilities.  In other words, it is completely possible for me to have a calm, peaceful, and loving day if I allow it, but it is also possible to have a tumultuous and stressful day due to the same.  I had to decide in that moment how I was going to proceed with BD in our little spat and I made the choice to be loving, forgiving, and joyful.  It was amazing to see how much impact that simple decision made.  We were able to have a short apologetic dialogue and walked away with hugs and smiles.  Pats on the backs all around, if I say so myself!


Recap of Day3: other than itchiness at the injection site, there were no side effects to speak of.  It could be completely coincidental, but I could swear that my feet are swollen today.

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