Did you know that I actually have a life?  Yeah, sometimes I forget, too.

This weekend is the grand finale of Carnival season here in New Orleans, which means parades every day for hours on end.  Friends open their houses along the parade routes (note my use of the plural) for crawfish boils and bathrooms, king-cake powered kids scamper around trying to catch throws from floats, and drunken adults knock said kids out of the way trying to catch the same throws.  It’s a beautiful thing, Mardi Gras is.

Most of the parades roll Uptown down St. Charles Avenue.  When I lived Uptown, I made every single parade.  It’s just what you do if you live Uptown.  But when BD and I bought a house downtown five years ago, we stopped going so much.  It’s a real pain to find parking, commit to the entire spectacle, not drink too much, and then drive back downtown at the end of a very long day.  But, every year we still commit to the final Sunday of parades, mainly because a dear friend opens her house and everyone we know will be there.  It’s always a blast catching up with friends who we don’t get to see often enough and dipping my pinkie toe into the Mardi Gras spirit.

But, this year, not only is BD out of town, but I’m starting Lupron injections tomorrow morning, which has me in a fit of nerves and feeling rather anti-social.  The beautiful part of my partnership with BD is that he’s the social butterfly to my wall flower and we’re able to help each other find a middle ground.  He forces me into social situations and is my safety net when I’m overwhelmed; I, in turn, am his touchstone to know when it’s time to leave or wind down.

I hate to miss Mardi Gras, but I’m still in that phase of uncertainty of how to navigate social situations moving forward.  Unsurprisingly, 99% of my friends drink when together – it’s just the social norm here.  Ok, I know that the simple answer is, ‘just don’t drink and don’t worry about it!’  But, when everyone else is reveling and hootenany-ing, sitting on the sidelines drinking water just doesn’t sound like fun, you know?  I wish I had a quick solution for how to feel more comfortable, but I’m just not there yet.

Luckily, a good friend asked if I wanted to grab coffee later today, so I think I’ll just take her up on that and enjoy a quiet day.  Perhaps we’ll get a wild hair and walk down to Canal to catch a glimpse, though 🙂



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