Baby Daddy’s gotta surprise comin’

This whole baby-making process has been full of trial-and-error, suggestions, requests, and demands on poor Baby Daddy.  Travel back in time a moment with me, if you will, while I recount the ways in which I have coerced my better half to be poked and prodded all in the name of a baby…

When we first started talking to my OB/Gyn and a urologist about our trouble conceiving back in 2010 (after trying since mid-2008), Baby Daddy was subjected to the always-embarrassing semen analysis.  Oh, how I remember our first semen analysis like it was just yesterday; poor guy, I made him do his thang in the clinic bathroom (silly me didn’t know back then that you could take care of business at home and then bring in your specimen).  Following that fun little humiliation, it was discovered that Baby Daddy had a vericosele, for which the doc recommended that Baby Daddy have surgery to correct.  So, under the knife went B.D. to have his package fiddled with.  Then came two more semen analyses.  Then came six weeks of antibiotics (which his body hates with a real passion).  Then, finally, came my suggestion that he start doing acupuncture (it’s really supposed to help with male factor fertility issues), at which point I was given a resounding NO.

So, now it’s a week after my acupuncture denial and I just read an article about vitamins that can help increase men’s fertility, especially in cases where that is an issue!  You know I have to bring this up to B.D. and hope he’ll play along.  Basically, besides the acupuncture (which I still maintain would be a fabulous idea for him), the practitioner suggests taking the following:

  •      Coenzyme Q10
  •     Omega 3 fatty acid with added Vit D3
  •     Zinc – pumpkin seeds
  •     Selenium – brazil nuts
  •     Whole food antioxidants

Now, honestly, that doesn’t sound that hard to incorporate, does it?  Granted, I haven’t the slighted idea what Coenzyme Q10 is or where to find it, but the rest I can totally cram down his throat…I think…

It’s all a matter of presentation, of course.  Typically, the way that we function is that I’ll suggest one thing, which will make B.D. want to do the opposite.  Like, let’s say he asks me to buy him salami, cheddar, and bread at the store so that he can make lunch sandwiches.  I buy him the asked-for supplies and, the next day, offer to make him a sandwich.  “No,” he replies, “I just want a bowl of Frosted Flakes.”  What?!  Apply that same conversation to clothes that I’m asked to pick out, movies I’m asked to pick, you name it.

So, with this little venture into asking B.D. to start eating those vitamins and minerals, I’m going to have to present it very delicately (note that I didn’t say sneakily!!).  Will have to scheme ponder.


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