To cure the liver, you must eat…liver? Really? Who the f$#@ came up with that?

In following the millenia-long tradition of Chinese medicine, I have purchased ONE POUND of chicken livers so that I might regain balance in my poor ailing liver meridian.  So, there the livers sit in my refrigerator, my lip slightly snarling at the mere thought of opening the tub in which they lay.  What am I supposed to make with chicken livers?  That’s actually palatable, that is….  And, no, I’m not allowed to deep-fry them and serve with pepper jelly, which I’d be totally all over (talk about good Southern eating!).

Oddly – or perhaps not – few options pop up from a google search for healthy chicken liver recipes.  You can’t even filter the recipes by “fried” and “not fried.”

So, here’s what I’ve found so far…in no particular order of desirability:

Actually, I think I may be leaning toward the last one…that actually even looks good somehow!  And – gasp! – I have purple potatoes at home!

Could I have found a palatable way to ingest these little demons?

Yeah for adventures in chicken livers!


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